Refinement SemTalk Overview
Comment A graphical editor for the Semantic Web Language RDFS integrated in MS-Office.
Diagram SemTalk Overview
Diagram BPM Tool
Diagram Knowledge Management
Diagram MS Office
Diagram Text Analysis
Diagram Visio
Diagram Semantic Web Business Tools
Diagram CASE Tool
Diagram Semantic Web Tool
SuperClass RDFS Editor
SuperClass OO BPM Tool
consists of SemTalk Interface
consists of SemTalk Glossary
consists of Explorer
consists of Object Editor
customized as SemTalk Version
defines categories for Knowledge Management
extends Visio
is the graphical editor for the Semantic Web
is the graphical editor for the Semantic Web
uses input from Text Analysis
visualizes Text
used from Winword
stores SemTalk Model
has Interfaces to Rational Rose
has Interfaces to OntoBroker
has Interfaces to Cerebra
is the graphical editor for Semantic Web
reads and writes XML & RDFS
edits Ontology Layer
edits Model Layer
supports UML
activated by SemTalk SmartTag
used by Winword
inv maintains a list of Semantic Web Business Special Interest Group
being read by SemTalk Interface